It’s Surgery Time!


I have finally been cleared for surgery. I am excited and nervous but mostly excited! The GOOD news is that my doctor has decided to stay clear of all blood vessels, veins and arteries! At this point he is going to remove everything that was leftover from my last surgery. Once they have extracted all remaining parts of the tumor another pathology report will determine whether or not there are any remaining cancer cells.

There are some concerns regarding my skin (in the area treated with radiation) after surgery but I’m not going to focus on anything negative. Plus, I firmly stand on the promises God has declared over my life: I am healed, I am restored, I am made whole, I am made new. 🙂


Throughout this process I’ve learned a deeper sense of God’s love. It’s times like these you realize how ‘out of control’ we really are as human beings. There was nothing I could do to prevent this but there is something I can do to overcome this. I am believing for a major miracle and I am asking every person that is reading this to believe with me.

My surgery is tomorrow or should I say today (Friday, April 28th). I can not wait to one day soon shout from the roof tops…I am cancer free!

Thank you all for your love and prayers ❤

– Idalia K.


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